Reefer Ranger 320


This pre-roll machine came to be because the ones on the market left room for improvement.  We took a simplistic yet nuanced approach to create a very durable and effective machine.  This machine has zero moving parts.  The base is polycarbonate, and the plates are food grade PVC. This is the only knock box style machine that closes the pre-rolls, doubling the output. The two time consuming tasks while making pre-rolls are to load the machine with empty cones, and then twist or fold the cones when finished.  We have solved one of those tasks.  If you buy extra plates, you can get an assembly line going, where plates are continually being loaded with papers, then loaded onto the vibrating base.  With this system 1 or 2 employees can fill and close 1000s of pre-rolls per day.

2 Sizes

1gram (109mm x 26mm) or (98mm x 26mm)

1/2 gram (84mm x 26mm)

Watch step by step video: HERE 



Fill and close 320 joints in minutes.  This machine can roll and close 1000s of joints in a day.  Only limited by how fast you can load empty cones and having product prepped.  Each run from start to finish takes 5 minutes.  Perfect for any medical/commercial producer/retailer.

Comes with:

  • Base plate with vibrating motor
  • Foot pedal
  • Cone holding plate
  • Thin plastic divider
  • Top calculation plate
  • Tamping Plate

**Fold over plate not included**


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