Spokane, WA based company that started with a joint machine. THE Reefer Ranger is a very innovative and collaborative person. He has a knack for coming up with simple effective designs, especially when it comes to processing high grade cannabis. Owning an original I-502 producer license in Washington State, The Reefer Ranger saw early on that the joint machine market left some room for improvement. Working with a few producers in the neighborhood, ideas were exchanged and the final design came to be. To this date, the Reefer Ranger joint machine is the only machine on the market that closes and seals the joints. With a few hundred units in use today, we are very confident in this machine and know you will be more than satisfied. Not one to relish in recent game-changing designs, Reefer Ranger is determined to expand its fleet into bud trimmers, bucking machines (on sale now), and we’re not stopping there.